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  • What Is the Future of Redistricting? Perhaps a Politician-Free Process, Experts Say
    In 2018, Michigan voters rejected the traditional model of having state legislators create electoral maps. They chose a different method aimed at removing extreme partisanship from the redistricting process. In 2021 the state used an independent commission made up of four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents to redraw the state’s legislative and congressional maps. It was no easy task. In December a federal judge struck down … Read more
  • Citizen Not Politicians Campaign Announces Endorsing Organizations, Businesses, Thought Leaders Throughout Ohio
    Nonpartisan Coalition to Terminate Gerrymandering in the Buckeye State Continues to Grow COLUMBUS, Ohio – The grassroots nonpartisan Citizen Not Politicians campaign today announced the support of nearly 100 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders across Ohio for a constitutional amendment that will end gerrymandering in the state.  The diverse coalition supporting the historic initiative includes Republicans, Independents and Democrats and is made up of business … Read more
  • The business case for rejecting Ohio gerrymandering
    This article delves into the history of redistricting of the Ohio General Assembly and presents the business case for rejecting partisan gerrymandering. It also identifies the Citizens Not Politicians amendment, which its supporters believe will end partisan gerrymandering by assigning redistricting to an independent 15-person commission composed of five Democrats, 5 Republicans, and five independents. The Focus on State-Level Gerrymandering Partisan gerrymandering at the state results … Read more
  • REDISTRICTING: O’Connor talks about proposed amendment
    A small group of people gathered at the Washington County Fairgrounds Tuesday morning to hear former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor speak about efforts to put a constitutional amendment for the state redistricting process on the November ballot. O’Connor, a Republican who retired in 2023 due to an age limit for judges running for the Ohio Supreme Court, was the first woman to … Read more
  • Retired Ohio Supreme Court Judge Maureen O’Connor pushes for measure to end gerrymandering
    MASSILLON – A retired Ohio Supreme Court judge was barnstorming though parts of eastern Ohio Tuesday calling out perceived gerrymandering in forming congressional districts. As part of her tour, former Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor met with about three dozen voters outside a polling location at First Christian Church to advocate for a redistricting reform measure to be placed on the Nov. 5 general election ballot. Special race result:Michael Rulli wins … Read more
  • Maureen O’Connor Tours Sprawling, Gerrymandered Congressional District on Day of Special Election
     Retired Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor on Tuesday visited polling places across the 6th Ohio Congressional District for the special election. She met with voters and local leaders and thanked volunteers gathering signatures for a constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering. “At the same time that you are doing your civic duty and participating in this election, the politicians in Columbus continue to shirk … Read more
  • Other states have moved away from extreme gerrymandering. Can’t Ohio?
    Gov. Mike DeWine chose three words to describe the embarrassing episode staged by his fellow Republicans running the Statehouse — absurd, ridiculous and unacceptable. All three are apt in view of legislative leaders at an impasse in addressing something they have fixed in the past. Ohio law requires certification of the November ballot 90 days before an election. As it is, Democrats won’t nominate Joe … Read more
  • We can rid Ohio of gerrymandering
    Gerrymandering, the reshaping of voting districts to unfairly favor one party, is an obstacle to fair representation for Ohio citizens. Our state is alarmingly gerrymandered. Nearly every voting district has been warped by the legislature’s majority to make the election uncompetitive or a race uncontested. While both parties have been guilty of this practice, in recent years the district maps have largely favored Republicans, allowing … Read more
  • Ohio gerrymandering keeps Jim Jordan safe to grandstand, not legislate: Neil Baron
    ARMONK, New York — After the 2020 census, the Ohio General Assembly redrew the map of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District to look like a jigsaw puzzle missing random pieces in order to keep it a safe district for Rep. Jim Jordan. But we need not be stuck with the consequences of partisan gerrymandering forever. This November, if Democrats flip Ohio’s Supreme Court, currently controlled by a 4-3 Republican … Read more
  • Skewed maps show why Ohio voters must seize rights from power hungry politicians
    We vote for our legislative representatives, but the reality is, they select the voters who put them in office. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. A group called Citizens Not Politicians is poised to bring real change to how state and congressional legislative districts are drawn in Ohio. Before explaining what’s coming, let’s take stock of where we are. Gerrymandering — drawing statehouse and congressional maps to favor one … Read more
  • A redistricting reform amendment campaign has until July to collect hundreds of thousands of voter signatures. How are things going?
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — With a month to go until a pivotal state deadline, the campaign behind a proposed redistricting reform amendment says it expects to collect more than enough signatures that it needs to qualify for the ballot in November. Chris Davey, a spokesperson for Citizens Not Politicians, declined to say exactly how many signatures the group has collected. But he said this week the … Read more
  • At 98, Ohio woman continues lifetime of civic engagement by gathering petitions in favor of constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering
    Elinor Polster has lived in Cleveland for all of her 98 years and has advocated for social justice as long as she can remember. Now, decades after helping to foster a famous racially integrated community in Shaker Heights, she’s on a new mission: collecting signatures from her fellow Clevelanders for the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment to end gerrymandering in Ohio. The proposed constitutional amendment would … Read more
  • Gerrymandering a threat to Ohio veterans, Gold Star families. “We know the price of freedom.
    As we celebrate Memorial Day Monday and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, it’s imperative to reflect on the importance of fair representation and the integrity of our electoral system. The recent gerrymandering in Ohio, one of the most manipulated states in the nation, has undermined the democratic process and the will of the people. It’s time for a change, … Read more
  • Citizens Not Politicians rallies in Mansfield to end gerrymandering in Ohio
    MANSFIELD — About 20 advocates of fair elections from across Ohio met at Local 169 of the United Steel Workers in Mansfield on Saturday for a signature-gathering effort to ensure a proposed constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering in Ohio qualifies for the November ballot. Ohioans from both parties are tired of having their issues ignored because legislative and congressional maps are drawn in ways that … Read more
  • Voters may decide redistricting process in November election
    Over the next few weeks, Ohioans may be asked to sign a petition for a redistricting amendment put on by a group called Citizens not Politicians. “We’re collecting thousands of signatures every day and we are confident that we are going to qualify for the ballot,” Citizens not Politicians spokesperson Chris Davey said. FBI most wanted suspect from Columbus to remain in federal custody on … Read more
  • Ohio’s gerrymandered maps “diminishing the voting power of Black voters,” groups say • Ohio Capital Journal
    Ohio’s gerrymandered maps take voting power away from Black communities, fair map advocates said this week on a media call.  The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU’s law school found that about 77% of Ohio (about 9.1 million people) lives in “districts where elections for state representatives are not in serious dispute,” according to their recent study. “This report validates what happens when the redistricting process … Read more
  • Analysis by Nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice: Nearly 8 in 10 Ohioans Live in Uncompetitive Legislative Districts
    National law and policy institute endorses anti-gerrymandering amendment COLUMBUS, OH — More than 9 million Ohioans (77% of the population) live in districts where one party is given a severe advantage in the 2024 state representative elections, according to an analysis released today by the Brennan Center for Justice atNYU Law. Last week, the national nonpartisan law and policy institute announced its endorsement of the … Read more
  • Analysis: There’s a lot at stake on Ohio’s November ballot. Here’s what to start researching now
    There truly is no way of exaggerating how profoundly important the 2024 election is. From a presidential contest that is literally a choice between continuing democracy and agreeing to autocracy, to state elections in Ohio that could result in breaking three decades of one-party rule, it matters. All of it. If you are an Ohio resident and can’t find a good reason to vote in … Read more
  • Politicians to blame for Ohio redistricting failures, ex-justices say
    Two former Ohio Supreme Court justices say voter-approved changes to curb partisan gerrymandering failed because of one simple reason: self-serving politicians. Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, a Republican, and former Justice Yvette McGee Brown, a Democrat, instead pitched their proposal to replace elected officials with a 15-member citizen commission to draw congressional and statehouse districts. They plan to put the issue on the November ballot. “It’s … Read more
  • Ohio leaders advocate for redistricting reform to end gerrymandering
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A coalition of leaders spearheading a campaign to reform redistricting in Ohio is emphasizing the urgency of ending gerrymandering. While acknowledging the complexity of the district-drawing process, they assert that necessary changes are straightforward: “Political insiders have no business being in the process.” During a panel discussion held on Monday at Ohio State University’s campus, prominent figures engaged in a robust conversation about … Read more
  • Ohio citizen group sees strong support to end gerrymandering
    Local volunteers involved in a citizen-led effort to amend Ohio’s constitution to try to get rid of gerrymandering say they have seen a strong show of support from community members and they are confident they will get enough signatures to put the measure on the November ballot. “Our goal is to stop gerrymandering in Ohio once and for all,” said Joyce Gibbs, a volunteer with … Read more
  • Hundreds of Volunteers Collect Signatures on Primary Election Day
    As the politicians sat at home on Tuesday waiting to watch the returns on another gerrymandered election, hundreds of citizens – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, rural, urban and suburban – showed up in force at polling locations across the Buckeye State to engage with their fellow citizens and gather signatures to end the insidious practice of gerrymandering. “As someone who cares about the unique interests … Read more
  • Collecting signatures to end gerrymandering
    Good government groups are active in Ohio again, and you might see some of them holding a  Citizens Not Politicians petition. The Citizens Not Politicians initiative is collecting signatures to bring reform to Ohio’s redistricting process. If passed by Ohio voters in November, this change to the Ohio constitution will remove politicians from the process of creating legislative maps and shift that responsibility to citizens through the … Read more
  • Experts agree: amendment to end gerrymandering will promote more responsive, effective legislature
    A proposed constitutional amendment to reform Ohio’s redistricting process is necessary to protect voters and the issues they care about, voting and legal experts said Monday at a forum on gerrymandering at The Ohio State University. The current state redistricting commission, a seven-person board consisting of elected statewide officials, was created by politicians for politicians, said Jen Miller, executive director of the Ohio League of … Read more
  • Ending gerrymandering? Ohio redistricting reform supporters outline problem and proposal in panel
    Some of the leaders of a campaign to reform redistricting in Ohio say the process of drawing districts may be complicated, but making necessary changes to end gerrymandering isn’t: “Political insiders have no business being in the process.” In a Monday panel discussion on Ohio State University’s campus, retired Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, League of Women Voters of Ohio Director Jen Miller, … Read more
  • Citizens of Chillicothe Unite Against Gerrymandering
    In a display of civic engagement, Chillicothe-area residents rallied at Yoctangee Park on Saturday for a drive-through signature gathering event. The event, organized by volunteer citizens, gathered scores of signatures on petitions to place the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment on the ballot this November. The amendment will transform the redistricting process in Ohio by eliminating gerrymandering. “To see my neighbors – Republicans, Democrats and Independents … Read more