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  • Ohio’s gerrymandered maps “diminishing the voting power of Black voters,” groups say • Ohio Capital Journal
    Ohio’s gerrymandered maps take voting power away from Black communities, fair map advocates said this week on a media call.  The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU’s law school found that about 77% of Ohio (about 9.1 million people) lives in “districts where elections for state representatives are not in serious dispute,” according to their recent study. “This report validates what happens when the redistricting process … Read more
  • Analysis by Nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice: Nearly 8 in 10 Ohioans Live in Uncompetitive Legislative Districts
    National law and policy institute endorses anti-gerrymandering amendment COLUMBUS, OH — More than 9 million Ohioans (77% of the population) live in districts where one party is given a severe advantage in the 2024 state representative elections, according to an analysis released today by the Brennan Center for Justice atNYU Law. Last week, the national nonpartisan law and policy institute announced its endorsement of the … Read more
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  • Politicians to blame for Ohio redistricting failures, ex-justices say
    Two former Ohio Supreme Court justices say voter-approved changes to curb partisan gerrymandering failed because of one simple reason: self-serving politicians. Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, a Republican, and former Justice Yvette McGee Brown, a Democrat, instead pitched their proposal to replace elected officials with a 15-member citizen commission to draw congressional and statehouse districts. They plan to put the issue on the November ballot. “It’s … Read more
  • Ohio leaders advocate for redistricting reform to end gerrymandering
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A coalition of leaders spearheading a campaign to reform redistricting in Ohio is emphasizing the urgency of ending gerrymandering. While acknowledging the complexity of the district-drawing process, they assert that necessary changes are straightforward: “Political insiders have no business being in the process.” During a panel discussion held on Monday at Ohio State University’s campus, prominent figures engaged in a robust conversation about … Read more
  • Ohio citizen group sees strong support to end gerrymandering
    Local volunteers involved in a citizen-led effort to amend Ohio’s constitution to try to get rid of gerrymandering say they have seen a strong show of support from community members and they are confident they will get enough signatures to put the measure on the November ballot. “Our goal is to stop gerrymandering in Ohio once and for all,” said Joyce Gibbs, a volunteer with … Read more
  • Hundreds of Volunteers Collect Signatures on Primary Election Day
    As the politicians sat at home on Tuesday waiting to watch the returns on another gerrymandered election, hundreds of citizens – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, rural, urban and suburban – showed up in force at polling locations across the Buckeye State to engage with their fellow citizens and gather signatures to end the insidious practice of gerrymandering. “As someone who cares about the unique interests … Read more
  • Collecting signatures to end gerrymandering
    Good government groups are active in Ohio again, and you might see some of them holding a  Citizens Not Politicians petition. The Citizens Not Politicians initiative is collecting signatures to bring reform to Ohio’s redistricting process. If passed by Ohio voters in November, this change to the Ohio constitution will remove politicians from the process of creating legislative maps and shift that responsibility to citizens through the … Read more
  • Experts agree: amendment to end gerrymandering will promote more responsive, effective legislature
    A proposed constitutional amendment to reform Ohio’s redistricting process is necessary to protect voters and the issues they care about, voting and legal experts said Monday at a forum on gerrymandering at The Ohio State University. The current state redistricting commission, a seven-person board consisting of elected statewide officials, was created by politicians for politicians, said Jen Miller, executive director of the Ohio League of … Read more
  • Ending gerrymandering? Ohio redistricting reform supporters outline problem and proposal in panel
    Some of the leaders of a campaign to reform redistricting in Ohio say the process of drawing districts may be complicated, but making necessary changes to end gerrymandering isn’t: “Political insiders have no business being in the process.” In a Monday panel discussion on Ohio State University’s campus, retired Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, League of Women Voters of Ohio Director Jen Miller, … Read more
  • Citizens of Chillicothe Unite Against Gerrymandering
    In a display of civic engagement, Chillicothe-area residents rallied at Yoctangee Park on Saturday for a drive-through signature gathering event. The event, organized by volunteer citizens, gathered scores of signatures on petitions to place the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment on the ballot this November. The amendment will transform the redistricting process in Ohio by eliminating gerrymandering. “To see my neighbors – Republicans, Democrats and Independents … Read more
  • Dollar General couldn’t put thumb on scale neither should Ohio politicians
    In the business and consumer marketplace, our government goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure fair dealing — keeping thumbs off the scales. In the political marketplace, sadly, too often it’s the opposite. From our nation’s earliest days, government officials have worked to guarantee equity and build trust in the market for goods and services. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power “to … Read more
  • Message from Schwarzenegger, Ohio Citizens to Gerrymandering Politicians: ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’
    Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday called on all Ohioans to support the Citizens Not Politicians amendment to end gerrymandering in the Buckeye State.  “The Constitution says, ‘We the people’ not ‘We the politicians,” Schwarzenegger said to a standing room only crowd at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. “This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, the politicians of both parties manipulate the maps to eliminate … Read more
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to ‘terminate’ gerrymandering in Ohio
    Arnold Schwarzenegger was wrapping up his time at the festival bearing his name on Sunday, but made time to throw his muscle behind an effort to place an anti-gerrymandering amendment to Ohio’s Constitution on the Nov. 5 general election ballot. “I was asked to come here since I was already in the building,” the former California governor joked inside a packed meeting room at the Hilton … Read more
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger joins push to end gerrymandering in Ohio
    Citizens Not Politicians, a group dedicated to putting an end to gerrymandering in Ohio, is trying to change the Ohio Redistricting Commission. The group is looking to put an amendment on the ballot in November to exclude politicians from the commission and replace them with everyday Ohioans. Right now, the commission is made up of three statewide officeholders and four state lawmakers. “We are looking … Read more
  • Ohio amendment would put citizens in charge of redistricting
    While thousands may have gathered for the Arnold Sports Festival, it wasn’t the only event co-founder Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at this weekend. A coalition of people and organizations, including the actor and former California governor, came together to advocate against gerrymandering. Citizens Not Politicians hosted a panel to get out its message, pushing for Ohio citizens to be the ones leading the redistricting process. The USC Schwarzenegger … Read more
  • Collecting signatures to end gerrymandering
    Good government groups are active in Ohio again, and you might see some of them holding a  Citizens Not Politicians petition. The Citizens Not Politicians initiative is collecting signatures to bring reform to Ohio’s redistricting process. If passed by Ohio voters in November, this change to the Ohio constitution will remove politicians from the process of creating legislative maps and shift that responsibility to citizens through the … Read more
  • Petition effort tries to take power away from politicians drawing legislative districts in Ohio
    As Debbie Dalke collects signatures to end gerrymandering in Ohio, she is consistently met with the same question. “Didn’t we fix this already?” The answer is a little complicated. Yes, Ohio voters have twice voted to require fair maps be drawn for the U.S. House of Representatives and the State Legislature. But no, the Republicans in Columbus stalled and spurned every effort to create fair … Read more
  • Citizens holding virtual meeting to address gerrymandering in Ohio
    Last year the Ohio Redistricting Commission was responsible for redrawing the legislative maps in the state. The process took time, with several maps being ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court. The latest map has been in place since September, but some people are still frustrated with the process. The Ohio redistricting commission spent 16 months — and several attempts — to approve a set … Read more
  • Sign the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment
    This November could be a turning point in Ohio. No, not in any of our elections to send presidents, senators, or representatives to Washington—as important as those races are. I write instead of the Citizens Not Politicians ballot initiative to amend the Ohio Constitution to create a non-partisan, citizen-led redistricting process. That amendment has the potential to usher in a new era of good governance … Read more
  • Ohio’s gerrymandered districts let politicians ignore rural voters
    A common notion about gerrymandering here in Ohio is that, as practiced by the party currently in power in Ohio, it gives rural voters (because they tend to lean Republican) disproportionate influence at the expense of Democrat-leaning urban voters. As a lifelong rural resident and Ohio farmer, I can tell you that Ohio’s distorted districts aren’t working for my community, either. In my 30 years … Read more
  • Why Ohio must change course and approve new redistricting amendment
    Ohioans are likely to face a pivotal decision in November — one that could have a long-lasting and profound impact on the social and economic vitality of this state that we so cherish and love. The proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot championed by “Citizens Not Politicians,” will create an Independent Citizen Commission for legislative and congressional redistricting. It is a transformational — and long … Read more
  • Citizens Not Politicians Plans End to Gerrymandering
    Originally posted in the Maumee Mirror
  • What is the ‘Gerrymander’ and will it be slain?
    A broad coalition of Ohioans is working to “Slay the Gerrymander” by placing a proposed constitutional amendment to bar partisan gerrymandering on the Nov. 5, 2024, ballot. In coming months, we will no doubt be inundated with arguments about the need to save the poor gerrymander as Statehouse politicians chortle at their ability to control the message. But before the barrage begins, it is useful … Read more
  • Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to put fairness to a vote
    Maureen O’Connor didn’t expect to lead the charge of fair redistricting in Ohio. But here she is. O’Connor, the former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice, has become a key figure in the group Citizens Not Politicians, which wants to put fairness to a vote. The group hopes to have an amendment on the November ballot that would create an independent commission charged with drawing fair … Read more
  • Greater Cleveland Congregations gets behind effort to end Ohio gerrymandering
    More than 300 members of Greater Cleveland Congregations gathered at Elizabeth Baptist Church for a political action Tuesday evening, and strategy team member Rev. James Crews set the tone early. “Tonight is big, it’s big, it’s a big night!” he declared, and encouraged the crowd to applaud. He was referring in part to GCC’s political successes over the past two years, and Mayor Justin Bibb’s … Read more