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  • Ohio’s gerrymandered districts let politicians ignore rural voters
    A common notion about gerrymandering here in Ohio is that, as practiced by the party currently in power in Ohio, it gives rural voters (because they tend to lean Republican) disproportionate influence at the expense of Democrat-leaning urban voters. As a lifelong rural resident and Ohio farmer, I can tell you that Ohio’s distorted districts aren’t working for my community, either. In my 30 years … Read more
  • Why Ohio must change course and approve new redistricting amendment
    Ohioans are likely to face a pivotal decision in November — one that could have a long-lasting and profound impact on the social and economic vitality of this state that we so cherish and love. The proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot championed by “Citizens Not Politicians,” will create an Independent Citizen Commission for legislative and congressional redistricting. It is a transformational — and long … Read more
  • Citizens Not Politicians Plans End to Gerrymandering
    Originally posted in the Maumee Mirror
  • What is the ‘Gerrymander’ and will it be slain?
    A broad coalition of Ohioans is working to “Slay the Gerrymander” by placing a proposed constitutional amendment to bar partisan gerrymandering on the Nov. 5, 2024, ballot. In coming months, we will no doubt be inundated with arguments about the need to save the poor gerrymander as Statehouse politicians chortle at their ability to control the message. But before the barrage begins, it is useful … Read more
  • Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice wants to put fairness to a vote
    Maureen O’Connor didn’t expect to lead the charge of fair redistricting in Ohio. But here she is. O’Connor, the former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice, has become a key figure in the group Citizens Not Politicians, which wants to put fairness to a vote. The group hopes to have an amendment on the November ballot that would create an independent commission charged with drawing fair … Read more
  • Greater Cleveland Congregations gets behind effort to end Ohio gerrymandering
    More than 300 members of Greater Cleveland Congregations gathered at Elizabeth Baptist Church for a political action Tuesday evening, and strategy team member Rev. James Crews set the tone early. “Tonight is big, it’s big, it’s a big night!” he declared, and encouraged the crowd to applaud. He was referring in part to GCC’s political successes over the past two years, and Mayor Justin Bibb’s … Read more
  • Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform Group Raises More Than $3 Million to End Gerrymandering
    Citizens Not Politicians Campaign Finance Filing Shows Broad Support from Diverse Constituencies In less than four months since collecting its first donation, the nonpartisan statewide coalition Citizens Not Politicians raised more than $3.1 million from a diverse range of individuals and organizations who want to end gerrymandering in Ohio. “There is so much energy from Ohioans across the political spectrum to end gerrymandering. We are … Read more
  • Not giving up: Ohio citizens try again to get politicians out of redistricting process
    Ohio citizens still waiting for fair legislative maps have switched strategies. Their latest effort will try to take redistricting power out of the hands of elected officials. Tired of waiting for state legislators to adopt maps that aren’t gerrymandered to benefit the party in power, citizens across Ohio are petitioning to get a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. The “Citizens Not Politicians Amendment” is … Read more
  • Group of 67 Ohio Business Leaders Announce Support for Redistricting Reform
    Leaders Say Citizens Not Politicians Amendment Needed to Ensure Fair Elections, Healthy Democracy and Improved Competitiveness Columbus, OH — Today, 67 bipartisan Ohio business leaders released an open letter in support of the Citizens Not Politicians constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering in Ohio. The amendment will create an independent redistricting commission so citizens, not politicians, will draw fair legislative districts using an open and transparent … Read more
  • Fair maps essential for democracy | Tribune Chronicle
    Three strikes and you’re out? The politicians in Ohio have struck out three times, and we, the citizens of Ohio, are crying foul. Strike 1: Ignoring the will of the voters and the Ohio Supreme Court by repeatedly imposing unconstitutional maps on us. Strike 2: Charging us $20 million for a desperate failed election in August to try to fool us into signing away majority … Read more
  • Partisan gerrymandering and the mobilization of Ohio voters
    CLEVELAND – This past year has been the most consequential in Ohio constitutional history since the iconic 1912 Constitutional Convention. In August, Ohio voters mobilized and resoundingly rejected an effort to abandon the historic simple majority standard for approving constitutional amendments; and in November, the mobilization continued, and voters resoundingly approved a constitutional amendment to enshrine reproductive rights, including abortion rights, in the Ohio Constitution. … Read more
  • First petition signatures inked on Ohio legislative redistricting proposal
    Volunteers gathering signatures with the campaign Citizens Not Politicians are beginning to fan out across Ohio, after an incorrect date forced them to redo part of the initiated constitutional amendment process. Elizabeth Grieser and Amber Decker braved the cold Tuesday to canvass High Street near the Ohio Statehouse in 20-degree weather for the first official day of signature-collection. Decker has registered voters and canvassed other issues before. … Read more
  • Redistricting amendment campaign begins collecting voter signatures for 2024 ballot
    COLUMBUS, Ohio – The campaign to put a redistricting reform amendment up for a statewide vote next year has begun gathering the hundreds of thousands of voter signatures needed for the measure to qualify. A spokesperson for Citizens Not Politicians said the group’s representatives are fanning out across the state, including sending volunteers to Cleveland. “It’s pretty substantial. We’re hitting the ground hard,” said the … Read more
  • Citizens-Led Campaign for Anti-Gerrymandering Amendment Kicks Off Signature Gathering Effort
    Republicans, Democrats and Independents from across Ohio today began collecting signatures from their fellow citizens to put the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment to end gerrymandering on the ballot in November 2024. “We are a united movement of Ohioans of all walks of life and across the political spectrum,” said Michael Ahern, an Independent voter from Blacklick. “This has nothing to do with red and blue; … Read more
  • Ballot Board Certifies Amendment; Citizens-Led Effort to End Gerrymandering in Ohio to Kick Off Signature Gathering Campaign
    The Ohio Ballot Board today unanimously certified the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment, clearing the way for everyday citizens across Ohio in the coming days to begin collecting signatures to put the constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering on the ballot in 2024. “For years, I have seen how politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, ignore the will of their constituents, knowing they will continue to be elected … Read more
  • Coalition Proactively Addresses Typographical Error in AG-Approved Amendment Summary  
    One-Digit Discrepancy Does Not Impact Substance of the Amendment, Which Will Be Refiled to Begin Signature Gathering Soon The nonpartisan Citizens Not Politicians coalition working to end gerrymandering in Ohio sent a letter today to the Attorney General indicating that it found a one-digit typographical error in the Attorney-General approved summary language for the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment.  The full text of the amendment sets … Read more
  • Citizens Not Politicians Coalition Celebrates Ballot Board Decision
    Statewide Nonpartisan Coalition to Soon Begin Collecting Signatures to Place Amendment on November 2024 Ballot to End Gerrymandering in Ohio Today’s decision by the Ohio Ballot Board that the nonpartisan Citizens Not Politicians Amendment is a single subject that can be circulated for voters as one constitutional amendment means supporters will soon be able to begin collecting signatures to place the amendment on the ballot … Read more
  • Statement from Former Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor on Bipartisan Gerrymander
    The committee Citizens Not Politicians today released the following statement regarding the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s approval of new state legislative maps: “This is a bipartisan gerrymander by politicians who decided to protect themselves and their friends, ignoring the people of Ohio. It could not be more clear that we need citizens — not politicians — drawing legislative maps that put the people first,” said former … Read more
  • Coalition Re-Files Petition Summary for Constitutional Amendment
    Today, the nonpartisan Citizens Not Politicians coalition submitted a slightly revised summary of their Ohio redistricting initiative to the Ohio Attorney General. The changes to the summary are minor and technical; none of the policy specifics have changed in the refiling.  The amendment will:  The amendment and updated summary can be found at “Our previous submissions were fully accurate and truthful summaries of this … Read more
  • Statement from Citizens Not Politicians on AG’s Decision to Reject Petition Summary a Second Time
    The committee Citizens Not Politicians today released the following statement in response to the Ohio Attorney General’s decision to reject for a second time the petition summary for the proposed amendment to end gerrymandering in Ohio by removing politicians from the process and empowering citizens: “We are disappointed and frustrated that the Attorney General has chosen to reject our petition summary for a second time. … Read more
  • Nonpartisan Coalition Refiles Petition Summary for Constitutional Amendment for Fair Districts
    Politicians, lobbyists, and party officials would be banned from serving on new citizens redistricting commission Columbus, OH—The committee Citizens Not Politicians today filed a revised petition summary with the Ohio Attorney General for a statewide ballot initiative to eliminate the state’s politician-dominated commission for drawing state and federal legislative districts. The constitutional amendment would instead create a 15-member Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission (OCRC), with members … Read more
  • Toledo Blade Editorial:  Let citizens redistrict
    Round two of Ohio’s battle between the people and the politicians has begun with the drive to abolish congressional and legislative districts drawn by elected officials. The Blade Editorial Board has already concluded the politician driven system currently used in Ohio no longer has any credibility with citizens (“A better idea in Michigan,” Feb. 6). Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, disgusted with … Read more
  • Campaign Statement on AG Action
    “It is not at all uncommon for the Attorney General to reject the summary of a petition in this first early stage of bringing a constitutional amendment. We believe our summary was accurate.  But we will review the Attorney General’s guidance, will make necessary adjustments, and will collect new signatures with our broad, statewide, nonpartisan coalition of partners to refile as soon as possible because … Read more
  • Former chief justice: Redistricting was ‘doomed to fail.’ Ohio needs new way to draw maps
    “In retrospect, looking at those constitutional amendments, realizing who populated the commission, it was doomed to fail,” said former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.
  • Misrepresentative lawmaking will continue in Ohio until voters have fair maps
    The current Ohio Redistricting Commission (ORC) is made up of seven spots, all politicians…. The Citizens Not Politicians proposal would create a 15-member Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission (OCRC) made up of Republican, Democratic and independent citizens who broadly represent the different geographic areas and demographics of the state.
  • Backers of Ohio independent redistricting amendment reveal details of proposal
    Redistricting activists laid out their roadmap Monday on a quest to cut the cord between elected officeholders and drawing the lines that establish their office boundaries.