Fair maps essential for democracy | Tribune Chronicle

Three strikes and you’re out? The politicians in Ohio have struck out three times, and we, the citizens of Ohio, are crying foul.

Strike 1: Ignoring the will of the voters and the Ohio Supreme Court by repeatedly imposing unconstitutional maps on us. Strike 2: Charging us $20 million for a desperate failed election in August to try to fool us into signing away majority rule. Strike 3: Democrats colluding with Republicans on the political redistricting commission in the dark of night to draw up and then pass even more heavily gerrymandered maps.

Enough is enough. The citizens of Ohio are tired of the games, and we are taking charge.

I am a registered voter in Ohio, and I am not affiliated with any political party. I vote more conservatively on some issues and more liberally on others. I am not beholden to any political party or political ideology, and I increasingly am not represented in the political process because of political gerrymandering in Ohio.

That is why I am so excited about the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment, which is currently gathering signatures to qualify for the 2024 Ohio General Election Ballot. This amendment will put citizens in charge of legislative map drawing and require fair maps and a transparent process.

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